'Why are you screaming at me?' Dem Fox News guest taken aback after conservative loses it over vaccine passports

Democratic strategist Laura Fink on Friday found herself on the receiving end of an angry tirade by GOPAC chairman David Avella as she tried to advocate for vaccine passports.

While appearing on Harris Faulkner's "Out Front," Fink made the argument that businesses that require proof of vaccination as a precondition of service were taking "reasonable" steps to encourage more Americans to get vaccinated.

"How do you enforce the policy?!" Avella yelled while interrupting her. "How do you enforce the policy if you're not going to have people making sure the cards are real?!"

"Let's cross the bridge when we get to it," Fink replied. "Right now, we need to encourage vaccinations..."

"We have to do it now!" Avella yelled. "You're making small businesses make people show a card to get in! You've got to enforce it now!"

"Well they've been doing it at concerts..." she began before Avella interrupted her again.

"If it's illegal, what does it matter?!" he yelled.

"Why are you screaming at me, sir?" Fink asked. "I mean, you just show your card."

Watch the video below.