Fox’s Chris Wallace slaps down his new colleague Larry Kudlow for fearmongering about Biden’s agenda
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During a press conference touting the passage of President Biden's $1.9 billion pandemic relief package, Fox News anchor Chris Wallace addressed yesterday's appearance of Larry Kudlow on the network, who warned that proposed infrastructure legislation has a hidden element of "green socialism" that will "demolish fossil fuels and put strict limits on almost every part of the economy."

Kudlow, who debuted his new Fox Business show in February, added that Biden's infrastructure package "will kill our economy and kill our jobs."

According to Wallace, "it's so interesting when people are out of office, they're very concerned about [deficits and debt], when they're in office, they're not so concerned about it."

"And Larry Kudlow, when he was working in the Trump White House and passing huge tax cuts and huge spending plans including multi-trillion dollar bills for Covid relief, there wasn't so much concern about deficit and debts," Wallace continued. "He seems to have found religion now that he's back out of the government."

Watch the full segment in the video below: