Two years in jail for police chief who slammed teenager's head in a metal doorjamb and lied about it

According to the Department of Justice, Frank Nucera, the former police chief of Bordentown Township, New Jersey, has been sentenced to two years in prison for lying to the FBI about an incident in which he slammed a teenage suspect's head in a metal doorjamb.

The incident occurred when police responded to a complaint that two Black teenagers were staying in a Ramada Inn hotel room without paying. "After Civilian 1 was handcuffed and was being escorted out of the hotel by police, Nucera allegedly approached him from behind and slammed the teenager's head into a metal doorjamb," said the report. "During a video recorded interview by FBI special agents, Nucera falsely stated multiple times that he did not touch Civilian 1 during the arrest."

Nucera's sentence is 28 months, plus two extra years of supervised release.

In addition to the conviction for false statements, the report noted, "Nucera is also charged by indictment with one count of hate crime assault and one count of deprivation of civil rights under color of law; a mistrial was declared on those counts, and he is awaiting retrial." He will not begin serving his sentence until a verdict is reached on these additional charges.