Washington, DC City Council mocks truckers for protesting in historic gayborhood — and cops issue citations

Dupont Circle is known for being the LGBTQ+ friendly neighborhood in Washington, D.C. While the city has largely become friendly to all LGBTQ+ members, it still remains the place for the Pride Parade, neighborhood gay bars and rainbow flags flying off of businesses.

It makes it one of the worst places that the so-called "Freedom Convoy" could use to stage their daily protests. After angering residents while they drove through northwest Washington, D.C. on Saturday, on Sunday they went to Dupont Circle.

The Washington, D.C. City Council made their own mockery of the truckers as they attempted to navigate the multi-lane circle.

While attacking Washington, D.C. the truckers have threatened to desecrate Black Lives Matter Plaza, terrorized residents with noise and attacks and imitated a firefighter. They've complained that the city hasn't been nice to them, with many flipping them the bird along with down-thumbs and shouting curses at them as they roll through. Any trucks with large trailers have been mostly blocked from entering the city because there are regulations for which roads can be used by large trucks due to the weight restrictions.

Another photo of the convoy Sunday revealed that a driver was advocating for guillotines to chop off people's heads.

In another incident, a trucker being identified as John, was pulled over for blocking pedestrians. Because Washington is such a tourist-heavy city, police do enforce laws like blocking pedestrians, which is a law in most large cities. This week is the Cherry Blossom Festival, which means there is an increase in tourist foot traffic. So, protecting tourists as they walk throughout the monuments is a frequent focus of the National Park Police and DC Metro Police.

Other residents have been complaining that the DC Metro Police aren't regulating the noise ordinances and issuing citations to the truckers. It's also illegal not to display your DOT number on the truck, and some are taping over it so that they can't be identified. Some of the trucks have also been observed not to have license plates on them.

See some of the local mockeries below: