Far-right extremists are using GameStop stock confusion to round up more members
Supporters of the Confederate States of America in Hillsborough, North Carolina (Facebook)

Far-right extremists have launched a conspiracy theory to explain the chaos surrounding GameStop in an effort to recruit more members for their agenda.

According to Newsweek, "several tied the trading platform's actions to anti-Semitic conspiracy theories and blamed wealthy Jewish people for the decision." Multiple disturbing messages transmitted through the Telegram messaging application have highlighted to show how extremists have been using the platform over the last two days.

One user with tens of thousands of followers shared a message that read, "This goes out to all you Anons. YOU hold the power. WE hold the power. You did it. We did it. We made grown billionaires cry on national television today. We beat them at their own game. Now they're having conniptions. The tables have turned."

Another user claimed the GameStop chaos was some sort of sign of a "great awakening" arguing that: "Evil can no longer hide behind the shadows. The Storm is upon us. Victory is near, HOLD THE LINE."

One account also added to the growing list of GameStop conspiracies insisting that the financial markets are now rigged to continue empowering the wealthy 1%. The account also warns that "singularity" is ahead.

"Once people realize that the financial markets are a rigged game against the people to transfer wealth from the small guy to the elitists... there will be a mass exodus from #WallStreet," the account said. "Unlike 2007 we have a place now that we control to put our money...The singularity is coming."

In a separate post, the account warned that America no longer supports the ideology of a "free market" and Democracy. With the confusion surrounding GameStop, the financial markets are now being categorized with the presidential election as "rigged."

"Anyone who still thinks America is free or believes in the 'free market' after what we've seen over the past few months is an idiot," the account wrote in a separate post. "There is no free market. Democracy is cringe. Elections are rigged and always have been. The stock market is rigged and always has been."

The dangerous perspective only adds fuel to an already-radicalized right-wing movement that likely will not wane anytime in the near future.