Man used 80 pounds of explosives for gender reveal party — blast rocked homes 20 miles away: report
A nuclear explosion (Shutterstock)

On Thursday, the New Hampshire Union Leader reported that a local man kicked off a "gender reveal party" by detonating an enormous stockpile of Tannerite and blue chalk at a quarry in Kingston, leading to a blast that shook houses 20 miles away.

"Many residents in communities across southern New Hampshire and northern Massachusetts reported hearing the explosion just after 7 p.m." reported Jason Schreiber. He later confirmed that the detonation was caused by 80 pounds of Tannerite, and that the man who set it off has turned himself in.

"Gender reveal parties" have frequently turned destructive in recent years as parents have sought to reveal their baby's sex with ever more extravagant pink and blue displays. One such party triggered a wildfire in Southern California in 2020, and another resulted in a plane crash in Mexico.