'Nothing about this guy added up': Santos opponent knew of 'red flags' but lacked resources to prove fraud
George Santos (Photo by Wade Vandervort for AFP)

The Democrat who lost to Rep. George Santos (R-NY) says his campaign was aware of multiple "red flags" about the Republican's background but lacked the resources to dig into them.

The newly seated congressman has admitted to fabricating basic details about his biography, and new lies are seemingly exposed every day, but Democratic opponent Robert Zimmerman said the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee produced an 87-page document that raised some of those same questions before the election, he told The Daily Beast's "New Abnormal" podcast.

“For example, Santos, despite lying about it, was very involved with the insurrection movement," Zimmerman said. "He was at the speech Jan. 6h. He tried to lie about his abortion position when in fact he was for a national ban on abortion… and said women would use rape as an excuse to get an abortion.”

The opposition research also found Santos was lying about his position on Social Security, his past evictions and personal life, and his improperly registered charity, but Zimmerman said his campaign didn't have enough time or resources to complete the investigation before the Nov. 8 election.

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"Nothing about this guy added up,” Zimmerman said. “Our problem was, with 10 and a half weeks to go before Election Day and starting to raise money to build the campaign, we were not in a position to send a team to Brazil to check out his past or to see if there’s something about his past. We weren’t in a position to hire a genealogist to figure out whether he was Jewish or not."

Zimmerman defended his campaign's work and said no one was more frustrated than him that Santos was elected, despite the concerns about his background, and he believes there was a conspiracy to get him into Congress.

"[Somebody] bought George Santos, and the question is finding out who," Zimmerman said. "I did everything I could to beat him in the election. I sounded the alarm as loud as I could, as best we could. But now the challenge right now is to make sure he is out of office.”