Fox News' Geraldo blames flight cancellations on unemployment benefits — and gets corrected in real time
Geraldo Rivera (Image credit: Fox News)

On Tuesday, Fox News commentator Geraldo Rivera tried to suggest that a flurry of flight cancelations over the past few days could have something to do with unemployment benefits being too generous — but was promptly shut down by one of his co-hosts.

"I wonder if any of it's the unemployment insurance," said Rivera. "It's even affecting the airlines, people not going back to their jobs at the airlines because they're getting unemployment."

"I mean, that's a good point, but this is really — they blame a lot of this on a pilot shortage, and it's hard for them because some of those flights are canceled, so then the crews that were supposed to come for connecting flights that make it, but you know, the union is saying, can't blame it on the pilots," said one of Geraldo's colleagues. "It's a logistical nightmare."

Watch below: