Ghislaine Maxwell's brother claims her trial was unfair because 'harsh treatment' in prison left her unprepared
Ghislaine Maxwell (AFP)

On Friday, Business Insider reported that Ghislaine Maxwell's brother is claiming that her trial was unfair and deprived her of her rights.

"Her brother, Ian Maxwell, told the BBC Radio 4's 'Today' show on Friday that he supports plans by Maxwell's team to appeal the verdict, focusing on her alleged mistreatment since her arrest in 2020," reported Sinéad Baker. "Ian Maxwell previously described the conditions his sister was being held in as 'torture' and said they were 'designed to break her.' Maxwell's lawyers were also critical of how she was being treated, saying she was kept awake all night and wasn't getting enough food."

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All of these claims have been made previously, but prosecutors deny all of them, saying that Maxwell's prison conditions were due to her own refusal to clean her cell or flush her toilet. BBC interviewer Mishal Husain also pointed out in the discussion that Maxwell "appeared engaged, animated, able to converse with her siblings, with her lawyers, study everything very carefully" in the course of the trial, casting doubt on the idea she was "tortured" into distraction from her own defense.

Maxwell was convicted earlier this week for her central role in late billionaire financier Jeffrey Epstein's sex-trafficking operation. She has long been seen as one of the people with the most knowledge of the scheme and those who took advantage of it, although she did not seek to use any of this as leverage.