John Dean slams 'evasive' Ginni Thomas for her lack of remorse
Ginni Thomas (Screen Capture)

On Friday's edition of CNN's "OutFront," former Nixon White House Counsel John Dean analyzed the transcripts of right-wing activist Ginni Thomas with investigators on the House January 6 Select Committee — during which she admitted she had no proof of the election fraud claims she was making.

One of the key takeaways, Dean argued, is that she was never actually sorry for spreading these lies; she was just sorry it led to her being investigated.

"Let's start with Ginni Thomas," said anchor Sara Sidner. "She defends — she still defends her beliefs that she believes that the 2020 election was stolen, which it wasn't. Can she have it both ways here?"

"Well, when I went through her transcript, I had the impression she was evasive," said Dean. "She wasn't remorseful in general about the fact that she had made these comments and sent these texts out. She was regretful that they'd gotten — they'd been released and became public, and then she accused the committee of leaking them basically just to embarrass her, which was not the case. But I think she really was uncomfortable throughout her testimony. Her attorney testified a lot for her, which I've never seen a chair let happen as often as it did in this deposition. It's an odd collection in this deposition."

Furthermore, Dean argued, Ginni Thomas' claim that she keeps her politics out of her discussions with her husband, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, was not credible.

"She claimed at the outset of her testimony in a brief statement, there was an ironclad rule in the house, they never talked about each other's business," said Dean. "She was in a political lane. Her husband was in the legal lane. Those lanes didn't cross. It was pretty hard to believe as the testimony unrolled ... what I took away from it was that they often talk about these things. They are sounding boards for each other, which is natural in a marriage.

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John Dean on Ginni Thomas transcripts