'Glenn Youngkin would love for Trump to shut up': GOP strategist drops brutal analysis of Virginia governor race
President Donald Trump (Screen cap).

Republican strategist Brendan Buck told CNN's Jake Tapper on Tuesday that Virginia gubernatorial hopeful Glenn Youngkin has a good shot at getting elected -- as long as former President Donald Trump doesn't get in the way.

During a panel discussion on Trump trashing former Secretary of State Colin Powell just hours after his death on Monday, Buck said that Trump's brand of politics had proven particularly poisonous in states like Virginia.

"It's actually a political gift for Democrats," Buck explained. "Every time he does this, he reminds people who revolted from the Republican Party -- the suburban, the educated, the women voters who now have run very far away -- every time he does this and every time he invokes racial undertones in some of his statements, they go further and further away."

He then turned his analysis to the Virginia governor's race, where he said GOP candidate Youngkin was likely tired of Trump causing him constant headaches.

"I'm sure Glenn Youngkin would love Donald Trump, for the next two weeks, to just shut up," he said.

Youngkin is currently in a tight race with Democratic nominee Terry McAuliffe, who currently holds a lead of just over two points according to Real Clear Politics' average of polls.

Watch the video below.

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