'God, guns and gynecology' are the three fixations of the GOP in the midterms: Yamiche Alcindor
A sad young woman (Shutterstock)

NBC News Washington correspondent and PBS "Washington Week" moderator Yamiche Alcindor revealed what she was hearing as she traveled Pennsylvania investigating voters' perspectives on the 2022 midterm elections.

"I talked to young black voters in Pittsburgh, I also talked to union workers and sat in on a town hall for United Steel Workers," Alcindor told MSNBC anchor Stephanie Ruhle.

"And one thing that sticks in my mind from that town hall, where union leaders were talking about the fact that workers' rights and health care should be top of mind," she explained.

"They said that the cultural issues are with the rank and file members — many of them of course have now moved to the Republican Party after abandoning the Democratic Party, largely after the messages of Donald Trump — they said that those workers are focused on the three G's ... and they said they are, God, guns, and gynecology.' So there you have this sort of simple way to explain what voters are talking about to me," Alcindor said.

She said the workers she was talking with were far more likely to vote Republican.

"God, guns and gynecology — that is a bumper sticker I never want to see," Ruhle said. "But alas, here we are."


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