Google tells customers that antitrust legislation could ‘cost your business’

On Thursday, Axios reported that Google is going on the offensive against antitrust legislation being considered in Congress — warning clients that the proposals pose a threat to small businesses.

Antitrust laws, which have been gathering bipartisan support in Congress, target the size and power of large companies like Google, rather than small businesses. However, Google argues, many small businesses rely on its services, and would suffer if the litigation affects them.

"Google said the dangers could include ... making it harder for customers to find businesses because listings, including address and business hours, may no longer appear in Google Search results or on Google Maps [and] hurting the effectiveness of digital marketing if Google Ads products were broken up and disconnected from Google Analytics," reported Margaret Harding McGill.

"[W]e're concerned that Congress' controversial package of bills could have unintended consequences, especially for small businesses who have relied on digital tools to adapt, recover and reach new customers throughout the pandemic," said a Google spokesperson to Axios.

This comes as global technology companies come under a fresh wave of new scrutiny, not just over their market dominance but over their algorithms and business practices. Multiple whistleblowers at Facebook have come forward with allegations against that company, claiming that they have deliberately prioritized profits over containing misinformation and hate speech, which executives deny.