Inside the new GOP civil war in the run-up to the 2022 midterms: analysis
Donald Trump at a rally, photo by Gage Skidmore.

The civil war in the Republican Party has a new fault line as former President Donald Trump remakes the GOP in his image ahead of an expected 2024 comeback bid.

"These GOP primary battles will determine whether a potential new Republican majority is composed of dealmakers who are eager to reach across the aisle or hardliners who often refuse to negotiate," Ally Mutnick wrote for Politico. "Depending on who you ask, it’s the RINOs versus the keepers of the faith — or the governing wing versus the obstructionists."

RINOs — "Republicans In Name Only" — is one of Trump's favorite insults, which he has used as a curse word against Republicans he deems insufficiently loyal.

"Mitch McConnell and his RINO friends would rather see a Democrat like Biden be president than a Republican like me. It works better for him and his agenda, but it doesn’t work better for our Country. He should have done something about it, and he still should. When a thief robs a jewelry store and gets caught, they have to give back the jewelry. Think of it: The election was rigged and stolen, we found out how, and Republican leadership doesn’t want to do anything about it," Trump complained in a May 1 statement emailed to reporters.

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In the next major primary, the split is between public policy results or obstruction.

"Up next week is West Virginia’s primary — where GOP Rep. David McKinley, who likes to tout that he is ranked the 10th-most bipartisan member of Congress, will face off against GOP Rep. Alex Mooney, a Trump-endorsed member of the famously obstinate House Freedom Caucus," Mutnick wrote. "McKinley is one of 13 House Republicans to join Democrats in passing an infrastructure bill, which he touts as bringing desperately needed funds to the state’s crumbling roads and bridges."

The Republican Main Street Partnership is backing McKinley while the Club for Growth and the Chamber of Commerce are backing Mooney.

"The following week, Rep. Mike Simpson (R-Idaho) and Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick (R-Pa.) will stare down far-right challengers. In North Carolina, more establishment-oriented Republicans are hoping to oust Rep. Madison Cawthorn — a hardliner who has drawn a rash of unfavorable attention in recent weeks — and Cawthorn’s political acolyte Bo Hines, who is running in an open seat in the central region of the state," Mutnick explained.

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