'It's not conflicting': GOP governor set straight by CNN host for questioning COVID mask mandates
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An interview with Idaho Gov. Brad Little (R) came to a close after CNN host Jim Sciutto pulled him up short when he stated that there was "conflicting" information about the effectiveness of masks in halting the spread of COVID-19.

Following a discussion on the COVID-19 aid package passed by Democrats -- with no help from Republicans in the Senate on Saturday -- Sciutto noted that Little's state was the site of multiple mask-burning rallies by COVID-deniers.

While the Idaho governor stated he didn't encourage the rallies, he did soft-pedal criticizing the reasoning used by the rally-goers.

"Masks have become a big issue in your state," the CNN host began. "You had a mask burning event over the weekend and, to your credit, you've tweeted openly, 'keep practicing what we know works and stay home.' And if we look at events like that, has turning mask news a political issue, not yourself, but others, has that helped or hurt the health of the residents of your state?"

"What we've tried to do is present all of the evidence and it is been conflicting, everybody has to admit that, that people choose to carry a mask, to wear a mask. You know, having it over your forehead or your chin --," Little replied which led to the CNN host to cut him off.

"It is not conflicting -- that the science is pretty clear on this it keeps it down," Sciutto lectured. "It is not conflicting. The evidence about wearing a mask: it works."

"Well it was early," Little backtracked. "And that was one of the issues. No, I, I agree totally. And hopefully this -- your next segment will talk about --what we do and how much longer people will have to wear the masks will enlighten people. But it is not helpful for people to be burning masks, we want people to choose to make the right decision to wear a mask."

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