Here’s why Republicans can’t honestly answer why they are moving to restrict voting

Writing in The Washington Post this Monday, columnist Max Boot contends that Georgia is the first swing state where Republicans' efforts to restrict voting have paid off. But according to Boot, Republicans can't answer why they're making this move "because an honest response would expose their authoritarianism and racism."

"The law's ostensible justification is to combat voter fraud — except there isn't any significant fraud. Trump is still claiming the election was 'rigged,' but he has never produced one iota of credible evidence," Boot writes. "Republicans filed more than 60 lawsuits challenging the election results that failed. A recent analysis from the Mitre Corp., a nonpartisan research organization, found 'no evidence of fraud, manipulation, or uncorrected error' in eight battleground states, including Georgia."

Boot writes that the law wasn't implemented to tamp down on voter fraud, but to make it harder for Democrats to win elections, namely by disenfranchising "people of color and progressives who believe that a country with a long history of racism and discrimination needs to be 'fundamentally transformed.'"

Read the full op-ed over at The Washington Post.