Green energy push enjoys bipartisan support in deeply divided Georgia
Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp is campaigning for governor (Facebook)

Many believe the political winds in Georgia are shifting after the Democrats swept Senate elections in each of the past two cycles. Others say Republican Gov. Brian Kemp’s reelection win last year shows that the notion that Georgia is turning blue is overstated.

But regardless of which direction Georgia goes on the red-blue political spectrum, all indications are that the Peach State is embracing the green economy, and that the push to make the state renewable energy friendly enjoys bipartisan support, Religious News Service reported earlier this month.

The recent announcement by Meta that it has partnered with a renewable energy company on three large solar projects typifies Georgia’s embrace of renewable energy.

The projects are expected to create local jobs, improve air quality and public health, and bring some unity to a divided country, the report said.

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“I think there’s broad bipartisan support in Georgia … for securing energy independence, for ensuring that there is a robust supply of affordable energy that’s not destroying our environment.” Democrat Sen. Jon Ossoff earlier this year told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

The report notes that Georgia’s GOP-controlled House backed an measure to expand EV-charging stations statewide by a 161-0 margin.

In Cartersville, considered one of the state’s most conservative communities, a $2.31 billion solar panel manufacturing plant is expected to bring 2,000 new jobs.

During his inaugural address earlier this year Kemp said that by the end of his next term Georgia would become “the electric mobility capital of America,” Politico reports.