Rape survivor rips Greg Abbott as ‘insane’ and ‘idiotic’ — even though he had signed a bill named after her

The woman after whom a 2019 anti-sexual assault law was named is now blasting Gov. Greg Abbott for outrageous comments he made following the passage of an extreme anti-abortion bill by Texas Republicans.

When Abbott signed the Lavinia Masters Act, he praised the woman the legislation was named after.

"I can assure you I do not think I would be signing this law today but for you and your tireless effort and commitment," Abbott said.

But now Masters has some words of her own for the Texas Republican.

"This law undermines so much of what we achieved," Masters told The Daily Beast.

She also slammed Abbott's comments in defense of the law.

Masters said "you might not know you're pregnant until well past six weeks, because, you know, biology."

"It might take you a moment before you're even able to acknowledge what happened, before you're able to share that type of information and say 'this was a sexual assault,'" she explained.

"It doesn't make sense," Masters said. "We already feel like we're rendered powerless by the sexual assault. And now here you come, taking more power, taking our options away. It's insane, and it's idiotic to say that after six weeks a person who was raped doesn't have the option of ending the pregnancy. I mean, we have a hard enough time getting survivors to come forward and tell their stories."

Watch Abbott at the signing ceremony for the Lavinia Masters Act:

Governor Abbott signs Lavinia Masters Act getting backlogged rape kits tested www.youtube.com