Guatemala retrieves 33 Mayan artifacts from private collection in Germany
Mayan objects recovered from a private collection in Germany and returned to Guatemala included bowls and other vessels - Guatemalan Embassy in Germany/AFP

Guatemala said Wednesday it had recovered 33 pre-Columbian artifacts that were voluntarily returned from a private collection in Germany.

Through its embassy, Guatemala "recovered 15 pieces and 18 archaeological fragments that were identified as part of the cultural heritage of our country," the foreign ministry said in a statement.

"Guatemala is grateful for the voluntary return of the objects that form an important part of the country's history, and it gives hope that other holders of similar pieces in private collections may take this same step," the ministry added.

The objects included bowls, other vessels and ceramic figurines dating from the periods between 1,000 BC and 250 AD, and 250-900 AD.

The Maya civilization reached its height in what is present-day southern Mexico and Guatemala, as well as parts of Belize, El Salvador and Honduras, between 250 and 900 AD.

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