Slur-spewing Florida man caught on camera hurling sign at delivery worker he accused of being an 'Indian'
Police Tape (AFP)

According to WSVN, a deliveryman in Miami, Florida was brutally attacked in an apparent hate incident.

The local news station reports that Paulo Silva was making a delivery to a Miami apartment complex when a man confronted him and accused him of being an "Indian."

Things escalated from there and the man first shoved Silva and then hurled a "Wet Floor" sign at him, which left him with scratches on his side.

"He touches me first, and I put my hands behind my back," Silva told the station. "Luckily, he didn’t hit me in the head."

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According to Silva, the encounter started when the other man wouldn't open the door for a group of women trying to get into the building, at which point Silva helped them in and remarked that the other man wasn't helpful, at which point the other man violently confronted him.

Silva says his attacker shouted, "Hey, what's the matter with you, Indian?"

"Miami Police are investigating the incident. They said when they took the initial report, there was no mention of racial slurs or derogatory language," said the report. "7News spoke with the building’s management. They said that this matter is now in the hands of police. They don’t know if the man in that video is a resident or was visiting."

This comes amid several other high-profile hate incidents in Florida, including two men facing federal charges for attacking a Black man with an axe in Citrus Springs, and a Broward County family who allegedly kidnapped a gay man and beat him so severely he was left permanently blind.