Fox & Friends segment falls apart on live TV as guest disputes she was 'canceled' for liking Trump
Fox News

A "Fox & Friends" segment fell apart on live TV as a guest debunked the most outrageous details of her story.

American Sign Language interpreter Heather Mewshaw, who served briefly during the Trump administration, had told the New York Post she was "canceled" for supporting the former president and providing services for some right-wing groups, admitted that wasn't exactly what happened.

"I was not fired," she said. "The relationship has been very positive, and contrary to some reports, I did not wear the [Keep America Great] hat to the White House. That was a photoshopped image of a clip from my volunteer work that was transposed onto a White House briefing photo."

Mewshaw said she had worn the hat as a prop while interpreting a video from one of Donald Trump's rallies, which a client has asked her to do, but she's hopeful the door remains open to provide ASL services for the Biden administration.

"I'm sure that in the future there may be a possibility, and I think would be an honor," she said. "I just think at that time, the time right now it's just not probably a good idea."

Host Steve Doocy tried to make the best of things and wrap up the segment.

"All right, Heather, we thank you very much for joining us and telling us your side of the story," he said, "and folks, you heard her, she was not canceled and she was not fired. Thank you so much, Heather. Now you know the rest of the story."