'Bullets don't care what color your skin is!' Herschel Walker attacks 'wokeness' in American military
Herschel Walker speaks to the Class of 2016 during Basic Cadet Training in the U.S. Air Force Academy's Jacks Valley in Colorado Springs. (U.S. Air Force photo)

Trump-backed Georgia Senate candidate Herschel Walker went on an angry tirade this week about the United States military for supposedly going "woke."

During a speech, Walker accused unnamed forces of ruining the American military by supposedly having soldiers list their pronouns.

"What bothers me is they're bringing wokeness in our military!" he charged. "The greatest fighting force ever assembled and they're bringing it to our military!"

Walker went on to try explaining what he meant by there being a "woke" military.

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"Right now, they're talking about pronouns!" he said. "Are you serious? 'How do you identify?' I can promise you right now, China ain't talking about how you can identify! They're talking about war! They're not talking about pronouns! They're talking about bullets -- bullets don't care what color your skin is!"

Fears about "wokeness" in the military have become common among many Republicans, most infamously when Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) said the American military has become "woke" and "emasculated," which he said was in stark contrast to the supposedly more masculine Russian military that has lost an estimate dozen generals in less than a year in its war in Ukraine.

Watch the video below or at this link.