'This whole family values ruse is busted': Former RNC chair says GOP has 'exposed their own lie'​ about abortion
Former RNC Chair Michael Steele (screengrab)

More revelations about Herschel Walker's personal life continue to come out, but former Republican National Committee chairman Michael Steele said nothing will shake GOP support for the Georgia Senate candidate.

A woman has come forward to say that Walker paid for her abortion, and she subsequently revealed that she has a child with the former NFL star after he denied her claims, but Steele told MSNBC's "Morning Joe" that he can't imagine a scenario where Republicans abandon his campaign.

"They're supporting him because the voters in Georgia don't care," Steele said. "They're not getting phone calls from people in Georgia or anywhere else screaming to back away from Walker, so they lean in. This whole family values ruse of the GOP is busted. Democrats didn't expose it, they didn't expose the family values lie, right? Republicans exposed their own lie. You know, for 25, 30, 40 years, they have been telling people how to live, who to love, what to believe, when they themselves weren't applying those standards to themselves, and now that's exposed and they don't care because the only thing that matters is that Republicans hold that, get that Georgia seat."

"This is about power politics," Steele added. "They know they're going to have a sycophant in Walker who's going to come to the Senate and do whatever he's told to do, period. That's the only thing that matters. He's a vote on the board, and he's one more step to taking absolute control of the government. That's the game."

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Republicans have known all along that Walker shows little understanding of the issues, and they're aware of the abuse allegations made by family members and the children he abandoned, but Steele said none of that matters to them or their voters.

"You can have a picture of Herschel Walker, you know, engaging in all kinds of crazy stuff," he said. "You can have more women come out, you can have men come out -- it don't matter at this point, they don't care. There's no value here for them other than the owning of Democrats, getting this particular seat, so until their voters are expressing concern and a lack of interest in the campaign because of these types of issues, they're going to lean in. Ted Cruz is going to lean in -- that's my guy. Yes, he's got how many kids, I don't know, I don't care, it's a vote in the Senate."

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