'I’m so mad and upset': Former White House aides 'angry' that Jan. 6 made them 'unemployable'
President Donald Trump, Hope Hicks -- (Photo: screenshot)

Newly released records from the Jan. 6 committee expose a text message conversation between Julie Radford, Ivanka Trump’s former aide, and Hope Hicks, a former White House political advisor. In the message conversation, the two aides reveal their candid reactions to Donald Trump’s handling of the insurrection, CNN reports.

Hicks, who previously served as Trump’s communications director, wrote that any Trump staffers who “didn’t have jobs lined up will be perpetually unemployed.” She continued, “I’m so mad and upset. We all look like domestic terrorists now.”

Referring to Trump’s targeting of then-Vice President Mike Pence after he refused to help Trump overturn the election, Hicks also said in the texts, “Attacking the VP? Wtf is wrong with him?"

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Radford had noted that “In one day [Trump] ended every future opportunity that doesn’t include speaking engagements at the local Proud Boys chapter,” and that she’d been “crying for an hour.”

Hicks reiterated, “This made us all unemployable. Like untouchable. God I’m so f***ing mad.”

“I know, like there isn't a chance of finding a job,” Radford replied.

In a clear reference to Alyssa Farah Griffith’s resignation from her White House Communications Director role one month prior to Jan. 6, Hicks mentioned to Radford that “Alyssa looks like a genius."

The day after the attack, Politico published a Q&A with Griffith titled “I Stepped Down Because I Saw Where This Was Heading.”

When asked about why she resigned, the current co-host of The View, said "I was advised by the campaign to stand down. That wouldn’t be the message. We weren’t going to be acknowledging the loss, and they were going to pursue avenues to reconcile that. And I’m of the mind that it’s foundational to our democracy that if you think there was fraud or irregularities, the president absolutely should pursue legal recourse to determine if there was."

In the article, Politico reported that despite her stepping down, Griffith's Twitter account showed that she "remains mostly supportive of the Republican Party and the conservative movement."

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