Jan. 6 panel struggling to keep up with avalanche of evidence after beating Trump and allies in court
Donald Trump Jr., Donald Trump and Ivanka Trump stand together during the Republican National Convention. (Shutterstock)

The House select committee has been on a winning streak, but now the congressional investigators face a new problem.

The panel has recently scored court victories against Donald Trump and some of his key allies, which has shaken loose so many documents and witness interviews that House investigators are struggling to digest all the new evidence and present their findings in a clear and compelling way to the public, reported Politico.

“We're talking to so many people,” House General Counsel Doug Letter said in federal court on Friday. "So many witnesses are providing material and providing information. So many times we find, ‘Oh, we just got the information we needed from somebody else.’"

The committee remains committed to showing Americans how close the nation came to an authoritarian takeover by the twice-impeached one-term president and then proposing policies to prevent future threats, and their new findings have only strengthened that resolve.

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“We want the public to understand just how close we came to a very different result and that democracy was in danger,” said Rep. Pete Aguilar (D-CA), one of seven Democrats on the committee.

Lawmakers are hoping to whittle the mountain of evidence down to something that can be clearly seen and understood, rather than presenting a "900-page report" that can be filed away with the Congressional Research Service.

”My personal hope is that this is something that the public can really, you know, wrap their arms around and understand,” Aguilar said. “We want to be able to not only do the research, but also tell the story.”

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Trump ‘doesn’t care anymore’ and is in ‘burn it all down mode’: Maggie Haberman www.youtube.com

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Supporters of Donald Trump failed to draw a crowd for a Saturday rally seeking to rewrite Donald Trump's coup attempt ahead of Wednesday's hearing by the House Select Committee Investigating the Jan. 6 Attack on the U.S. Capitol.

Forbes used the headline, "Pro-Trump 'Truth’ Rally Fizzles—Draws Nearly As Many Counter-Protesters." The Daily Beast headline was "Jan. 6 ‘Truth’ Rally at Capitol Fails Spectacularly."

"When the far-right blog The Gateway Pundit said a Jan. 6 Capitol rioter rally on Saturday afternoon would be the 'biggest to date,' crowds were expected. But instead of big crowds, the “Truth Rally” attracted around the same number of counter-protesters as rally attendees—a few dozen, at best," Zachary Petrizzo reported for The Beast.

One counter-protester shouted, “Trump is a loser, a little baby loser."

NBC New reporter Ben Collins also covered the rally.

He said the "loudest applause line today at this 1/6 Truth Rally was for a woman giving the URL for a site where you can buy 'Abolish the FBI' tee shirts."

"Nobody at this January 6th Truth Rally has really settled on if the rioters are proud of it, if they didn’t do it, or if they did it and it was a setup. The theme is basically: There was no insurrection on January 6th, and we’d do it again," Collins reported.


Authorities from the Texas Department of Public Safety and the Harris County Sheriff's Department responded to an anti-LGBTQ protest outside a Texas church on Saturday.

"First Christian Church Katy is hosting a drag bingo fundraiser benefiting the ministry's Transparent Closet, a free boutique aimed at helping young people in the LGBTQ community in the largely conservative west Houston suburb," Jay R. Jordan reported for Axios on Friday. "Protect Texas Kids, led by North Texas' self-described "Christian fascist" Kelly Neidert, plans to protest outside the church, according to a Facebook event from the group."

The report noted anti-fascist activists were planning a counterprotest.

"Neidert's protests have drawn support from neo-Nazis and other anti-LGBTQ groups," Axios reported. "Men in Nazi regalia and alleged Proud Boys wearing Buc-ee's masks joined Neidert's protest outside a drag brunch at Hamburger Mary's downtown in July."

On Saturday, Jordan posted a video clip from the scene.

"Proud Boys and Kelly Neidert’s Protect Texas Kids are in Katy, Texas, protesting a drag bingo fundraiser at First Christian Church. PB and Houston antifascists just clashed. Heavy police presence dividing the two groups now," he reported.

The noted "Houston's Nazis" had arrived police formed a line between the two sides.

"The group of Nazis appear to be leaving the protest, sporting for the first time today a flag with a swastika. Proud Boys and Patriot Front have also left," he reported.

Watch below or at this link:

After a controversial judge's ruling in Arizona, Democrats are seeking to make abortion rights a major issue in statewide races.

The Associated Press covered the issue under the headline, "GOP quiet as Arizona Democrats condemn abortion ruling."

"Arizona Democrats vowed Saturday to fight for women’s rights after a court reinstated a law first enacted during the Civil War that bans abortion in nearly all circumstances, looking to capitalize on an issue they hope will have a major impact on the midterm elections," the AP reported. "Republican candidates were silent a day after the ruling, which said the state can prosecute doctors and others who assist with an abortion unless it’s necessary to save the mother’s life. Kari Lake, the GOP candidate for governor, and Blake Masters, the Senate candidate, did not comment."

Democrats held a press conference outside the office of Attorney General Mark Brnovich, whose office asked the court to rule on the injunction, the Arizona Republic reported.

Secretary of State Katie Hobbs, the Democratic Party nominee for governor said, "on day one, I will call a special session of the state Legislature to overturn this draconian law."

Lake had previously said her day one action would be to declare an invasion at the border with Mexico.

Hobbs was joined at the press conference by Kris Mayes, the Democratic Party nominee for attorney general.

“This outrageous law represents a clear violation of the rights of women in our state. Even worse, it will put the health of women at risk in a way we have not seen in our lifetime. Women and girls will die because of it,” Mayes warned.

Watch Mayes' remarks below or at this link:

AZ Attorney General Candidate Kris Mayes Press Conf. with Gov. Candidate Katie Hobbs on Abortion Ban www.youtube.com

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