'I need answers': Black man’s mysterious death prompts calls from his mother for an FBI investigation

The mother of a 25-year-old Illinois State University graduate student whose deceased body was found floating in the Illinois River is calling for a federal investigation of her son's death.

Jelani Day, a Black man, went missing at about the same time as Gabby Petito, but one case garnered far more attention than the other. While the missing blonde woman captured cable news attention, the Day case did garner attention in Illinois.

John Fountain wrote a three column series titled "Justice for Jelani" after the student went missing.

On Thursday, CNN's John Berman interviewed Carman Bolden Day, the mother of the deceased student. Berman asked what it was like for her to bury her son.

"Indescribable what that was like for me. I just had to lower into the ground one of the best things that God has blessed me with," she said. "So I can't tell you what that was like. I can tell you this, if you have children, it is something I wouldn't wish upon anyone."

She spoke about why she is now calling for the FBI to investigate.

"I don't know why I lowered Jelani into that ground or what happened to him to cause him to be -- for me to have to lower him to the ground. Now I need answers. I need answers because the police departments that were involved in searching for my son and looking for my son and finding answers for my son failed me," she said. "They failed my child and so now because of my lack of trust, I can't trust them. I need an agency that can come in and help us, which I was pleading for, before we even got to this point."


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