Illinois city employee fired after slur-filled tirade at contractor for not moving his truck
Photo by Colby Ray on Unsplash

According to ABC7 Chicago, a school board member and government employee in a suburban city in Cook County, Illinois is out of a job after a slur-filled tirade at a contractor who didn't comply with her demands to move his truck.

"According to a post on the city of Berwyn's blog, Sarah Lopez, who used to work as 'Blight Inspector,' has been terminated," said the report. "Contractor Phil Robbin has said he still can't believe what he said happened in a Berwyn alley two months ago. 'I feel like I'm this big every day I'm walking around, and I'm a pretty big guy to be feeling like this,' Robbin said."

"Robbin said he was parked in that alley while on a job removing a tree from a customer's yard when a woman, whom he later learned was Berwyn school board member Lopez, rolled up in a marked city vehicle and ordered him to move his truck. Robbin said he objected, telling her he had a permit to park in the alley," said the report. "'She was screaming at the top of her lungs, 'You don't know who you're F-ing with! I'm calling the police!' And I said, 'Feel free,'' Robbin recalled. "When I turned my back, it went haywire from then. N-word, N-word, N-word, N-word, N-word.' According to a police report, Lopez told a responding officer she did call Robbin the 'N-word and then said, 'I am so sick and tired of these people!'"

The police report added that Lopez tried to claim to responding officers that she had "received multiple calls" about Robbin's truck, although she later admitted that wasn't true.

In addition to her termination as blight inspector, Lopez has resigned from the board of Berwyn South School District 100, which has condemned her behavior and says it "does not reflect the beliefs" of the board.

This comes amid elevated scrutiny on local government employees involved in racial incidents. Two separate police officers in Cincinnati have come under fire in the past few weeks for using the N-word in front of civilians and colleagues.

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