Iowa Supreme Court asked to overturn 2018 abortion ruling by 60 Republicans
Iowa Supreme Court.

Sixty Republicans in Iowa are asking the Iowa Supreme Court to overturn a 2018 ruling that declared abortion a fundamental right.

"Attorneys for conservative groups opposing abortion filed a brief with the court Monday on behalf of 22 senators and 38 House members, all Republicans. The groups include Arizona-based Alliance Defending Freedom and Iowa-based The Family Leader," the Des Moines Register reported Wednesday.

Although the court only decided the issue three years ago, the makeup of the court has dramatically shifted under the state's Republican governor.

"The 2018 decision was made by a more centrist court now dominated by Republican appointees. Four justices were appointed by Gov. Kim Reynolds, who has called on the U.S. Supreme Court to overturn Roe v. Wade — the 1973 decision that legalized abortion nationwide — and two who were appointed by her Republican predecessor, both of whom opposed the 2018 majority ruling in their own dissenting opinions," the newspaper explained.

One appointee of a Democratic Party governor remains on the state's high court.

Drake University Law School professor Sally Frank warned overturning a recent ruling could look bad.

"I think if a Supreme Court decision is overturned very quickly after it's been reached and the only difference is a change in the composition of the court, then it makes the court look more political instead of more judicial," she explained.