Trump family member explains why Ivanka will never be president
Ivanka Trump - CBS screenshot

A Trump political dynasty, once believed to be in the offing midway through former president Donald Trump's four tumultuous years in office, is unlikely to happen according to one of Trump's relatives.

In a Business Insider interview with Mary Trump, the niece of the one-term president, she claims he may run for president once more after being "humiliated" in 2020 -and that may be the last we see of the Trumps in politics -- Ivanka Trump included.

Speaking with Insider's Joshua Zitser, the ex-president's niece explained she once believed the 2020 loss to President Joe Biden would be her uncle's swansong, but that things changed after he made accusations of election theft.

"If you'd asked me if he'd run again in December, I would have said definitely not because he had just been humiliated and wouldn't put himself in that position again. But things have changed," she admitted before suggesting he is not only still pushing election frauds lies but, "He's also now spreading the second big lie. This is that the insurrection of January 6 wasn't a big deal."

She added that he will only run again if he thinks he has a shot, explaining, "He's a coward and he'll never engage in a fair fight. He'll only engage if he's convinced that through cheating, lying, and stealing that he can win," adding, "Remember, he's 75, not in good health, and there are the criminal investigations into him. Hopefully, something will interfere with his ability to run but, if all things are equal, he will."

As for the Trump kids, she said they lack the one element that helped their father's presidential run, charisma, and that includes Ivanka who has been touted by her father as a possible first female president.

"The only thing you can really say about Donald is that he does have a kind of charisma that appeals, apparently, to ... people in this country. There's nobody else on the right who has that charisma, and certainly none of his children," the president's niece explained.

"I think she and her husband are more interested in staying away long enough in the hopes that people forget what horrible human beings they are, and then they have this fantasy that they're going to be able to reemerge into New York high society or something," she added.

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