J.D. Vance supporter arrested for allegedly assaulting protester at GOP headquarters

An Ohio man has been arrested for allegedly assaulting a protester at a campaign event for U.S. Senate candidate J.D. Vance, WFMJ reports.

Dennis Zimmet, 70, was arrested and booked in the Beaver Township county jail.

The victim, David Kissinger, said he was confronted by several people, one of whom was Zimmet, while was carrying a sign calling Vance a “fraud.” He says Zimmet told him to leave and chest bumped him, and then allegedly pushed Kissinger to the ground with both hands.

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Zimmet reportedly told officers that he was annoyed by Kissinger's presence but denied assaulting him, saying that he tripped and fell. He also said he felt threatened by Kissinger.

The incident occurred at the Mahoning County GOP Headquarters.

Kissinger and his wife filed a complaint in federal court saying the incident violated his rights to free speech.

Boardman PD called to Mahoning County GOP headquarters www.youtube.com