'Cowardly, pathetic, defenestrating' Josh Hawley torn to shreds for J6 cowardice
Republican senator Josh Hawley. (Andrew Caballero-Reynolds/AFP)

On Friday's edition of MSNBC's "The Beat," anchor Ari Melber shredded Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) following newly released footage showing him sprinting for his life through the halls of the Capitol away from the January 6 insurrectionists.

This comes after Hawley was famously photographed pumping his fist in support of the rioters — which he claims he did before he knew they would commit acts of violence against police officers and threaten to kill members of Congress.

"Now this week ... has newly revealed evidence that shows exactly how Senator Hawley responded to those people he cheered," said Melber. "And to the results he claimed to want. Take a look. He ran, he scurried, he ran fearing for his physical safety and life, fearing those very scary people he claimed to support and cheer. He was apparently aware that those people might beat him or murder and assassinate him if they even got near him. Video shows that Hawley got farther from that main breach to those underground stairways where he continued to do what senators never do in their own halls of power: scurrying with fear, down the stairwell to get away from the people he cheered."

"Let me tell you something," said Melber. "Let me put it plainly, as we try to do around here. Rarely do you ever see a public figure's hypocrisy and cowardice crystallized into the peak of the historic crisis that he helped create, all in one day. That is what the nation is now seeing. How Hawley started and ended his day on January 6. The lead senator pushing the plot on the Senate floor, and then found himself running away from the very forces he helped unleash. So you are running and running and running away. But you cannot run away from yourself."

Melber then quoted Bob Marley: "When you are running like that, you must've done something wrong."

"That is why so many people, regardless of party or ideology, can feel the gut reaction to that cowardly, pathetic defenestration strip sprints by this man, this freshman, this politician," said Melber. "And it is deeper than just a moment, because we get so many things boil down to these little moments. Not just a moment. Think about it. The Republican Party of Trump and Pence and Hawley is quite literally running away from its own worst creations, from itself. And that is just the fact. It is a truth, and there is room for reckoning."

Watch below:

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