Teacher at Robert E. Lee High School pushed out of classroom after refusing to take down Black Lives Matter flag

A teacher who works at the Robert E. Lee High School in Jacksonville, Florida has been removed from her job after she refused to take down a Black Lives Matter flag from her classroom.

News 4 Jax reports that teacher Amy Donofrio has been "administratively reassigned to paid, non-teaching duties" after she refused to bow to school pressure to remove the BLM flag.

The school would not say if she was removed specifically over the flag controversy, but would only say it has "opened a human resources matter to review allegations of potential misconduct" into Donofrio.

The school asked Donofrio to take down the BLM flag after she criticized comments made by Lee High alumni when they argued against renaming the school, which is named after a slave-owning Confederate general.

Among other things, one attendee at the meeting claimed that Jesus was supportive of slavery, while another suggested that any "problems" at the school may stem from the fact that it's "predominantly African American."

Donofrio's criticism of these remarks prompted Lee High alumni Joey Stevens to search her Facebook page, where he found a photo of her standing in front of a BLM flag. He then encouraged his fellow alums to contact the school to complain about it.

"The issue is that she is promoting the Black Lives Matter BLM, in her classroom," Stevens told News4Jax. "I just think that that goes against anything that should happen in school."