Pot-smoking MAGA rioter blames ‘food pyramid’ for radicalizing him as he seeks to avoid jail time
James Bonet at the Capitol (Department of Justice)

A Capitol rioter is blaming the "food pyramid" — as well as former president Donald Trump and his attorneys — for his role in the insurrection as he seeks to avoid jail time.

An attorney for James Bonet filed a sentencing memo Wednesday arguing that he has turned his life around since Jan. 6, when he smoked marijuana inside the Capitol.

"Since his arrest, he has become disciplined through his commitment to jujutsu, higher education, his job, and his family," federal public defender Lisa A. Peebles wrote in the memo. "James no longer uses marijuana. With this wakeup call, he quickly realized he’s healthier, sharper, and more focused since he’s set meaningful goals and stopped smoking pot."

According to the Times Union, a federal judge actually ordered Bonet, then 29, to abstain from marijuana following his arrest in January.

In any case, Bonet reportedly is studying at Adirondack Community College in New York — after the Capitol riot "sparked a keen interest in James to understand our political system" — and plans to apply to law school, according to the memo.

Bonet lost 150 pounds during the pandemic in 2020, which prompted him to "examine mainstream claims, like the promotion of the food pyramid," the memo states.

"James lost weight because he eliminated certain foods from the pyramid," Peebles wrote. "The timing of his weight loss coincided with social media attacks on the mainstream media, and the dissemination of false information about voter fraud and the election being stolen. James was misguided by this political propaganda spewed by the Trump administration and the alt-right movement."

In addition to the food pyramid, Peebles pointed the finger at Trump and "stop the steal" attorneys Lin Wood and Sydney Powell.

"James believed that Wood and Powell and Trump were highly educated sophisticated intellectuals," Peebles wrote. "He couldn’t imagine they would spread false claims, particularly the president. James believed Trump was trying to defend the Constitution. After listening to these voter fraud allegations, James began to question the integrity of the election results. He related his distrust of media advertising to the food pyramid after he lost 150 pounds beginning in February 2021, when he cut out carbohydrates, dairy, and sugar."

Bonet, who pleaded guilty in October to a single charge of knowingly entering or remaining in a restricted building or grounds, faces up to one year in jail. His sentencing is scheduled for Feb. 10.