Embattled GOP senator suddenly has 'questions' about Biden's victory amid fierce MAGA backlash
Senator James Lankford (Screen cap).

Oklahoma Republican Sen. James Lankford, who has faced fierce backlash from Trump supporters for voting to certify President Joe Biden's victory, now claims he has "questions" about the results of the 2020 presidential election.

"Biden is the constitutional President. No question about that," Lankford told CNN in a new interview. "Are there questions that are still hanging out there? Yes."

    Asked if those "questions" would have changed the outcome of the election, Lankford said, "There is no way to know because we can't get a full answer to some of them."

    "I am not trying to be coy about it," he added. "It's unknown at this point. I just want all the questions answered so people can know one way or the other on it."

    Lankford initially planned to challenge the certification of Biden's victory in the Senate, but changed his mind following the Capitol insurrection.

    Pro-Trump Republicans in Oklahoma attempted to censure Lankford for voting to certify Biden's victory, and the state GOP chair has endorsed his 2022 GOP primary challenger, Jackson Lahmeyer.

    "I know Donald Trump won the 2020 election," Lahmeyer told CNN. "You're going to try to actually say, 'Joe Biden got 80 million votes'? Nobody honestly believes that."

    Trump hasn't made an endorsement in the race, and Lankford hasn't yet made a pilgrimage to Mar-a-Lago or Bedminster to seek the former president's backing. But he told CNN he would be happy to have it. "Sure. Why not? I'll add as many as I can," he said.

    Responding to Lankford's latest statements about the election results, the Daily Beast's Jackie Kucinich told CNN: "It's just another example of just how much the Republican apparatus across the country is all about Donald Trump, is all about complete and utter loyalty to him, and that's just about it, because you're not going to get anymore conservative in terms of policy than James Lankford."

    Below is a report from CNN that includes audio from the interview with Lankford.

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