WATCH: Michael Steele erupts after Dem strategist defends decision to not arrest Steve Bannon
Don Calloway and Michael Steele. (Screengrab.)

Former RNC Chair Michael Steele did not buy the arguments put forth by Democratic strategist Don Calloway in defense of the House Select Committee to Investigate the January 6th Attack on the U.S. Capitol.

The select committee had set a Friday deadline for four Trump associates to turn over documents related to the effort by Trump supporters to overturn the election.

The MSNBC panel discussed a Twitter thread posted by Lincoln Project co-founder Rick Wilson, who described it as a "gutless exercise" for not arresting those obstructing the investigation.

"This is staffed wrong, led wrong, and a gutless exercise to get back to talking about infrastructure. They're not taking the risk seriously, they're not taking the data before them seriously, and they're eager to run out the clock," he argued.

Calloway defended select committee Chair Bennie G. Thompson (D-MS).

"I was kind of offended by the gentleman from the Lincoln Project's tweet," Calloway said. "I like Rick Wilson a lot, I respect his opinion, but I saw it as an affront to the leadership of my friend, Benny Thompson. I'm not totally detached from that, but when people of the Congressional Black Caucus are made to look ineffective, there's a disingenuous position on the other side that the Steve Bannons of the world will not respect subpoenas. That has nothing to do with the leadership of Benny Thompson."

Steele explained that Thompson had the power to act.

"They have federal authority," Steele noted. "They have U.S. marshals that they can send out."

"Look, Bannon and others can hold out and not appear, but when the marshals show up at their doorstep, when they have to get lawyers to deal with that, that's a whole different reality," Steele explained.


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