Jason Chaffetz gets embarrassed by Fox News reporter after falsely claiming NYT hasn't covered Cuomo scandals
Utah Republican Rep. Jason Chaffetz on CNN (screen capture)

Fox News contributor Jason Chaffetz on Monday got embarrassed by one of his own network's reporters after he falsely claimed that the New York Times had been slow to cover scandals swirling around New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

During a Fox News segment, Chaffetz recapped all the controversies surrounding Cuomo, who has come under fire for allegations of sexual harassment and revelations that he hid data on COVID-19 nursing home deaths.

Chaffetz then speculated that Cuomo's time running Albany may soon be up before pivoting to bashing the mainstream press for supposedly not covering the governor's scandals.

"We'll see what the media does, they've been very tepid in doing this," he said. "Only the New York Post and a handful of others have covered this with the seriousness that it takes. The New York Times and other big media outlets have been far behind."

At this point, Fox News correspondent Gillian Turner jumped in to correct Chaffetz.

"But the Times broke the most recent story about the victim, Charlotte Bennett," she pointed out. "They broke that story. We wouldn't even be talking about it if it wasn't for the New York Times reporting."

"And, and, yeah, but..." Chaffetz replied. "What I'm saying is they were very slow to the mark."

Watch the video below.