Wine-stealing Capitol rioter quickly embarrasses himself after announcing he is running for office

According to The Daily Beast, Jason Riddle, a man from Keene, New Hampshire who was seen drinking wine after breaking into the U.S. Capitol on January 6, has announced he is running for Congress against Rep. Annie Kuster (D-NH).

Riddle, noted reporter Tracy Connor, is currently facing federal charges in connection with the Capitol riot, for which he has pleaded not guilty on all counts. Further complicating his newfound interest in public office, said the report, "Riddle thought Kuster was a state representative until a reporter for NBC Boston informed him on camera that she is actually a U.S. representative."

"Riddle — who claims to have no regrets about breaking into the Capitol and drinking wine he found in a Senate office — said he doesn't think his legal problems will turn off voters," continued the report. "'In the long run, if you're running for office, any attention is good attention, so I think it will help me,' he said."

According to the Keene Sentinel, Riddle was actually caught by the FBI because he gave an interview to NBC10 Boston in which he boasted about making it into the Capitol and "chugging" the wine he stole, which prompted multiple people to turn him in to federal agents.