Accused serial killer believed the Bible called on him to make 'human sacrifices': affidavit

Authorities in Texas charged Jason Thornburg, 41, with capital murder after the remains of three humans were found in a burning dumpster, CBS Dallas-Ft.Worth reported Tuesday.

The suspect reportedly cut the throat of David Lueras, 42, who was his roommate in a motel in Euless. He allegedly dismembered the body in the bathtub and eventually stored the body parts in "Rubbermaid type bins."

He then allegedly murdered a woman by slitting her throat, again dismembering her and place the remains in tubs. He allegedly then stabbed and strangled a second woman before disposing of her body in the same manner.

He also allegedly admitting murdering a 61-year-old man in May and killing a woman in another state.

An affidavit filed in the case alleged that "Thornburg said he has an in-depth knowledge of the Bible and believes he was called to commit human sacrifices."

Thornburg's bond was set at $1 million.