'We're going to move on': Jen Psaki brushes off reporter's latest attempt to talk about Hunter Biden

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki on Tuesday brushed aside New York Post reporter Steve Nelson's attempt to once again talk about Hunter Biden.

During Tuesday's press briefing, Nelson asked Psaki about whether the White House is still unaware of the buyers of Hunter Biden's artwork and if she could guarantee that would remain the case.

"I know this is your favorite topic," she said. "Again, it still is the purview of the gallerist, we still do not know and will not know who purchases any paintings. And the president remains proud of his son."

Nelson tried to ask a follow-up question but Psaki indicated that she didn't want to discuss the topic any further.

"Did you have another question on something else?" she asked him. "Otherwise we're going to move on. Lots going on in the world."

Watch the video below.