Jen Psaki gets emotional as she explains how her mom’s advice helped her endure death threats

During a Q&A event hosted by the Christian Science Monitor, outgoing White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki talked about how she deals with some of the backlash and hate that comes with the job.

"I think you just have to put blinders on and remember that the only people who know who you are are you and people close to you," Psaki said, adding that her mother, who is a therapist, advised her to "stiffen your spine and keep your feet planted on the ground, and nobody can waver you."

After Psaki recounted the words of her mother, she became emotional.

"But the point is, in these public jobs ... people are going to have venom towards you."

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Watch the video below. The relevant portion begins at around the 4-minute mark:

Video May 12, 10 08 02 AM

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