'Game of Thrones' quote comes back to haunt Capitol rioter at his sentencing: report

According to a report from Business Insider, a Capitol rioter facing six months in prison for his actions during the Jan 6th insurrection is finding out that quoting a character from the HBO series "Game of Thrones" on social media is coming back to haunt him as a judge ponders his sentence which is expected on Feb 1.

Jeremiah Caplinger, 25, has already pleaded guilty to reduced charges of "stepping on, climbing, removing, or injuring property on Capitol grounds," and, in a court filing on Tuesday, prosecutors used his social media posts to make their case for him to receive the maximum.

In particular, for quoting throne usurper Cersei Lannister.

According to Business Insider's Sophia Ankel, "Two days after the insurrection, Jeremiah Caplinger, 25, posted an image of a soldier from the American Revolution with the caption: 'As said by Cersi Lannister 'I choose violence.'"

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"Cersei Lannister is a fictional character in the HBO television series 'Game of Thrones.' After being confronted by a group of politically-empowered religious zealots, who warn her that if she does not yield to them 'there will be violence', Cersei Lannister responds, 'I choose violence,'" prosecutors wrote before adding, "Lannister used 'a weapon of mass destruction to blow up one of the largest and most important buildings in the capital city' which contained 'politicians and religious leaders.'"

Elaborating on their point, the filing continued, "In stating, 'I choose violence', Cersei Lannister embraced — and then carried out — mass murder to achieve her political ends. In the context of Caplinger posting this just two days after January 6, Caplinger's adoption of this quote is alarming and provides insight into his mental state and intent in storming the Capitol."

The report notes that the Michigan man has since tried to walk back his actions, explaining in an interview: "I think it was a great stupid thing when it came to breaking and destroying things, sure ... But I will not sit here and allow people to constantly demonize, patronize, criticize and try to ostracize Trump supporters for doing what they believe in."

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