‘Utter garbage’: Jim Jordan and Matt Gaetz ridiculed for ‘nonsensical’ arguments by CNN legal analyst

Republicans were mocked on CNN for the quality of the arguments they put forth as the House of Representatives debated whether to criminally refer Steve Bannon to the Department of Justice for defying a congressional subpoena.

As voting began, CNN updated viewers on the debate that had just occurred.

Host Alisyn Camerota said, "I just thought it was really interesting to hear the Republicans, who seem to be kind of using the strategy of diversion to talk about anything but Steve Bannon."

"Yeah," anchor Victor Blackwell replied. "The list of red herrings and decoys is long. We heard everything from Christmas presents to gas prices to the embassy in Jerusalem."

For analysis, they interviewed former federal prosecutor Elie Honig.

"The arguments that we just heard from Reps. [Jim] Banks (R-IN), and [Matt] Gaetz (F-FL), and [Jim] Jordan (R-OH) are just utter garbage," Honig said.

"They are nonsensical, they were illogical, they were manipulative," he said.


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