Republican Jim Jordan slammed for his ‘flimsy crusade’ against Microsoft

In a letter sent to Microsoft on June 21, Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) lambasted the tech giant for being "out to get conservatives." But according to Reason's Elizabeth Nolan Brown, Jordan's claim is based "on a few anecdotes" about Microsoft-owned LinkedIn suppressing content about Hunter Biden and other grievances about the coronavirus pandemic. She described Jordan's efforts as a "flimsy crusade" that lacked any serious examples of anti-conservative bias.

Jordan, the top Republican on the House Judiciary Committee, suggested in his letter that Microsoft could be ensnared by proposed antitrust legislation.

"Jordan's argument is simply that Microsoft may have made a handful of content moderation decisions he doesn't like, so federal meddling is warranted," Brown writes.

According to Brown, Jordan is falling into the same "trap" that many anti-big tech zealots do: "mistaking his personal or political desires for how companies should do business with something the federal government in a free market and First Amendment-beholden society has the right to demand."

As Brown points out, even if Microsoft was guilty of the censorship Jordan is alleging, it wouldn't violate antitrust law or federal communications law concerning legal liability for user-generated posts.

"The bottom line is Jordan's insistence that Microsoft turn over information about its content moderation and other business practices cannot be justified on antitrust grounds nor by any other reasonable measure."

Read Brown's full op-ed over at Reason.