Texas Republican's debt limit stunt massively backfires after Dem colleague embarrasses him on the House floor

There was a moment of levity as Congress debated whether to extend the debt limit or default on government obligations and thrust the country into a recession.

"What costume party I've arrived at here in Washington, but Halloween has come early here, because nothing on the rule limit bill says debt limit," claimed Rep. Jodey Arrington (R-TX), who was an official at Texas Tech University and a George W. Bush administration aide prior to joining Congress.

Rep. Jim McGovern (D-MA), the chair of the House Rules Committee, questioned Arrington's reading comprehension skills.

"I'll lend him my glasses. It says right here in the title, 'increase the public debt limit.' I don't know how much clearer in can be, it's in the title," McGovern said.

"Did you not read the rule?" he asked.

In other news, a pro-Donald Trump religious sect — which worships with AR-15s — has purchased 130 acres on a mountaintop in Tennessee which they intend to turn into a "training center." WATCH:

MAGA-loving 'Church of the AR-15' purchasing massive Tennessee retreat for 'training center' youtu.be