Joe Manchin: Any infrastructure bill must be bipartisan only

Democratic U.S. Senator Joe Manchin, whose home state of West Virginia desperately needs a federal infrastructure bill, says he refuses to support any infrastructure legislation that is not bipartisan.

"We need to be bipartisan," Manchin, whose state's infrastructure received a "D" on its last report card, told NBC News' Garrett Haake.

Haake says via Twitter Sen. Manchin "REALLY isn't interested in doing an infrastructure bill w/ only Democratic support," and "Repeatedly says he thinks there will be a bipartisan deal between" President Joe Biden and Republican Senator Shelly Moore Capito, his West Virginia GOP Senate colleague.

Democrats could push through a $1 trillion infrastructure bill without support from Republicans via reconciliation, but Manchin also turned that down.

Manchin is also opposed to killing the filibuster.