Joe Rogan defends CNN's Sanjay Gupta after conservatives cheer their debate over ivermectin
Joe Rogan (Screen Grab)

Joe Rogan defended CNN's Sanjay Gupta after video clips of their debate over COVID-19 went viral.

The podcast host confronted the network's chief medical correspondent over what he called "lies" about him taking the anti-parasitic medicine ivermectin to treat his COVID-19, and clips of the encounter circulated widely online -- especially on conservative websites -- but Rogan said many of those condensed videos were misleading.

"If you've only seen clips online you would think that @drsanjaygupta and I had a tense and uncomfortable encounter when we sat down for 3 hours," Rogan said on his Instagram account. "The reality is that disagreement was a very small part of what was overall a very enjoyable conversation. Sanjay is a really nice person and I like him a lot. After our time together I consider him a friend."

"People on network TV don't have anything remotely similar to the kind of freedom I enjoy doing the podcast," Rogan added. "For him to dive into my world and have an open form conversation with no restrictions took real courage, and I appreciate it very much."