'Full blown racist' Joe Scarborough blasted after rant accuses Biden of 'luring' migrant children
MSNBC/screen grab

MSNBC host Joe Scarborough faced backlash on Twitter on Tuesday after he accused the Biden administration of "luring" migrant children to the U.S. border.

Scarborough made the remarks during a lengthy rant on Morning Joe.

"The administration right now, the Biden administration right now is the one that's luring these children to the border with the promise of being able to get in," he said at one point. "They're letting families just dissolve into the country and not have a court date, not have a date to come back."

"That's a crisis at the border!" he exclaimed. "And as long as you have a permissive policy, first of all, again, it's dangerous for the children, because more children are going to keep coming, until you tell them, no, we're not going to let them in."

Atlantic staff writer Caitlin Dickerson, who appeared on the show on Tuesday, said that she was not given the time to refute all of Scarborough's "inaccuracies."

"It is a not a 'Biden administration policy' that allows unaccompanied minors to request legal protection at the border. That is the American asylum system, codified into law by congress in the the Refugee Act of 1980," she pointed out on Twitter. "Case management programs that were eliminated by the Trump administration and are being reestablished now yielded immigration court appearance rates higher than 90% — not 25-30%."

"The general implication was that requesting asylum is unfair or illegal. It's not," Dickerson added.

Scores of viewers lashed out at the MSNBC host on Twitter.

"Hey #JoeScarborough your racism is showing again," one commenter wrote. "Look in the mirror and repeat what you said this morning. You're looking at a bigot."

"Today was proof of @JoeNBC as being a full blown racist," another person tweeted. "Blaming the 'crisis' on Biden was too much to take. He ,HIMSELF, helped elect Trump...The real culprit that caused the boarder backlog."

Watch the video and read some of the responses below.