Rittenhouse use-of-force expert to testify on behalf of Black man facing homicide charges

A use-of-force expert who testified for the defense in the Kyle Rittenhouse murder trial will testify on behalf of a Black man charged with reckless homicide.

John Black, whose testimony helped Rittenhouse's defense attorneys win an acquittal, will take the stand in the reckless homicide trial of Theodore Edgecomb, who also claims self defense in the fatal shooting of Jason Cleereman last year in Milwaukee, reported WDJT-TV.

"As far as Dr. Black goes, we only learned about him through that trial, and he's very well qualified and he's got an extensive resume," said defense attorney Aneeq Ahmad. "He's testified numerous times. He's a veteran, he's a police officer, law enforcement background, so we thought he'd be objective."

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Edgecomb was riding a bike and Cleereman and his wife were in a car in an incident that police describe as road rage.

Defense attorneys will present video evidence they said showed Cleereman trying to run Edgecomb off the road before getting out to confront the cyclist.

Edgecomb fatally shot Cleereman after a confrontation.