'Dangerous nonsense': Elections expert picks apart pro-Trump lawyer's infamous plan to overturn 2020 vote
CBS Denver/screen grab

On Tuesday, University of California Irvine law professor Rick Hasen took to Twitter to shred the six-point plan for overturning the election put forward by Trump lawyer John Eastman, calling it "dangerous nonsense" and deeming it to be full of lies and misrepresentations of the law.

The plan laid out by Eastman, broadly speaking, was for then-Vice President Mike Pence to decline to count the electors in seven states with relatively close election results, claiming that there were "competing slates of electors," and then either declare Trump the winner outright or refer the matter to the House, where Republicans controlled enough state delegations to give Trump a victory.

Eastman, who has previously pushed racist conspiracy theories about Kamala Harris' citizenship, also appeared at the pro-Trump rally on January 6 that preceded the Capitol riot, a controversy which was shortly followed by his retirement as a law professor at Chapman University.