Fetterman claims he has 'always' supported fracking — but said otherwise just a few years ago
Lt. Gov. John Fetterman / Shutterstock.

In an interview with NBC News' Dasha Burns last week, Pennsylvania Senate candidate John Fetterman claimed that he as always supported fracking as long as it doesn't harm the environment. But as a CNN fact check points out, he made contradictory statements in statements from just a few years ago.

“I support fracking,” Fetterman told Burns. “I supported the energy security we should have in the United States.”

“Right now, fracking and other traditional kinds of fossil fuels are part of our energy portfolio,” he continued. “And as long as we keep transitioning towards green energy, that’s the way I believe it’s the way to go forward. But again, there were those two truths. Energy security is critical, but also climate change is also very critical.”

According to CNN's Andrew Kaczynski, Fetterman's comments on the subject "are part of a long and often contradictory series of positions from the Senate candidate on the industry, which provides tens of thousands of jobs and contributes millions to Pennsylvania’s economy."

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"Fetterman’s message about the industry has often depended on his audience and he has attempted a balancing act – supporting a transition to green and renewable energy, while also pledging support for the Pennsylvanians employed by it," writes Kaczynski.

But speaking to a left-leaning YouTube show in 2018 when he was running for lieutenant governor, Fetterman said, “I don’t support fracking at all and I never have."

“And I’ve signed the no fossil fuels money pledge. I have never received a dime from any natural gas or oil company whatsoever," he added.

Fetterman added that his support for maintaining two wells near his hometown that supported 3000 jobs is "not pro-fracking."

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"I’m pro-union, I’m pro-family, I’m pro-steel,” he said.

In a comment posted on Reddit back in 2016, Fetterman wrote that fracking was a “stain” on the state.

“I am not pro-fracking and have stated that if we did things right in this state, we wouldn’t have fracking. The industry is a stain on our state and natural resources,” Fetterman wrote.

“But yes, of course I worry about the viability of getting a ban on fracking done when the industry is already so entrenched in Pennsylvania. Like Sestak I’ve called for the same thing – a moratorium. I signed the Food and Water Watch’s pledge to end fracking," he added.

Read the full fact check over at CNN.